Al-Ibadiyya a bibliography

M.H. Custers
Produced by Datawyse / Universitaire Per Maastricht

Préfacé, en arabe, par A. Salimi.
The material in this bibliography was, of course, in first place collected from books and articles on Ibadi subjects. Furthermore, data were collected during research trips. In the early 1970s, thanks to a grant from the Oters Institut in Leiden. I was able to make a research trip which brought me to Algeirs, Mizab, Tunis, Jerba and Tripoli, in all of which I was cordially welcomed by Ibadis, who all helped me as much as they could. I am very grateful to all of them. …

Unfortunately, circumstances forced me out of my position as assistant in the Arabic department of Leiden University in 1974 and my Ibadi researches came (practically) to a stand-still, a situation that lasted until 2003 when I took early retirement from the department of Arabic of Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht, The Netherlands. I took up again my interest in Al-Ibadiyya and I decided first to prepare a bibliography of Ibadi literature and publications on al-ibadiyya.

At this stage I am very grateful to Dr. Salah Bendrissou, a Mizabi who lives in Marseille, who provided me with several inventories of important manuscript libraries in Mizab. …

Finally many thanks to Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Salimi, who works in the Omani Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. …
I wish to extend my special thanks to Omani M.E.R.A for making the printing of this bibliography possible, as well as to the minister, His Excellency Sheikh Abdallah … al-Salimi, for the stimulating interest he showed in this project.

This book, Al-Ibadiyya, a bibliography, has its shortcomings of course. The time at my disposal, back in the early 1970s as well as in 2004, was always much restricted and far from sufficient to record all information available in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Oman, and I have been unable to study several important secondary sources.
Also I realize very well that composing a bibliography such as this one can not be done without making mistakes.
Nevertheless I trust that this bibliography contains the majority of existing titles of Ibadi literature and of literature on Ibadi subject, and I hope that it constitutes a useful tool for the beginning researcher on al-ibadiyya and a convenient reference book for the more experienced researcher. …

M. H. Custers (Extract, ix).

Volume 1, 432 pages
Volume 2, 371 pages
Volume 3, 348 pages

Maastricht, Nov. 2006.

اسم الكاتب